Happy 2018!!! What a busy year! I’m very happy with all the fun projects I’ve been a part of and new friends I have made.

In the spring, I continued working on my short film that I’m writing, directing, and starring in called “City of Ether”. I mainly focused on writing music for the film so that has been a fun journey as a singer and new composer (why do I do this to myself? lol).


Film “City of Ether” shot by Anthony DeLioncourt


Then I was cast in a new feature indie film by Anthony Delioncourt called “When We Dance The Music Dies” as well as working crew (which was a great learning experience with such a large cast). This film starred cult classic star “William Ragsdale” among other amazing actors!!


Film “When We Dance The Music Dies” by Anthony DeLioncourt

Almost immediately afterword, I was cast in a hilarious Off Broadway show called “Sammy and Esther are Breaking Up” as the character Natalie written by RuthEllen Cheney and directed by Alexis Confer. We performed at the DUKE on 42nd (literally on 42nd street!!!) for a theater festival called New York New Works. We made it all the way the Semi Finals! It was a smart and hilarious script and I was so happy to work with such a talented cast and crew.


Off Broadway show “Sammy and Esther are Breaking Up”

I then was cast in a commercial film shoot for a camera tech company called Adorama at their new Brooklyn location. I had fun playing a director using a really expensive tv camera (that I could never afford, lol). I even got to work with another great actor friend, Justin Schilling (who I worked with on Three Days of Glory, webseries).


On set for Adorama commercial shoot.

So all in all it’s been a great year with lots of new experiences!

I have some possible film projects coming up Spring 2018 and hoping to finish filming the last few scenes of City of Ether!