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Alissa Simmons, born and raised in Houston, TX, has been singing, acting, and dancing since she was 6 and no one has been able to stop her since. Being raised by a musical theater family has it’s perks!

In her school years she trained, performed, and competed in musical theater and classical singing. She has won multiple awards including the 1st Tommy Tune award for Best Featured Performer, Regional NATS for classical and musical theater singing, International Thespian Convention for Solo Vocal, and NFAA for Classical Soprano. During college she started to work in film winning local awards. She even had her own video blog that had a following. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from SHSU and has been attending the university of “Real Life: New York City Edition” for 5 years now.

In NYC she has vocal training with the amazing Tom Burke and the Estill Voice Program. She has workshopped with people like Bob Krakower, Brian O’Neil, Dave Clemmons, Paul Russel, Derek Jacobi (London), Maggie Phillips, and many more.

Recently, she has been cast in a NYC Fringe Festival play called The Great Forgotten, currently filming Three Days of Glory, a webseries, and performs when she can at Cranky Cabaret in Times Square.

On quiet evenings, Alissa curls up with some tea and a good adventure book!


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