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Thorns for Flowers: Day 1

I had SUCH a great time filming for new Feature Film, Thorns for Flowers this past Saturday. My role as Gretchen is amazing and deep and our director, Anthony de Lioncourt is FANTASTIC. I’m so glad I finally got a real chance to work with him!


Photo by Eugene Lin 2015

Day one of shooting consisted of horses and countryside which is always enjoyable to someone who lives in a concrete jungle (aka NYC). And I finally got to meet my co stars Oev, who plays young Leo, and Yaron, who plays another important character (no spoilers!).

Looking forward to shooting Day Two this weekend and feeling lucky┬áthat global warming has warmed up the Northeast just enough that I won’t freeze during our outdoor shoot. (Gotta stay positive!)

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for this AWESOME film, check it out here.


I’ll keep you updated on any new adventures! Until then, stay warm and Happy Holidays!