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Spring 2016 Update

It’s always busy here in NYC. Lots of projects and lots of fun!

So let’s do a nice re-cap.

It’s Spring!!! And I am definitely looking forward to filming in warmer weather, because no one likes filming in the cold.


Since I got back from the holiday season, I worked on a short film titled “Cataclysm” directed by an NBCUniversal intern, Erian Mathis, at the end of January. I played a principle role of the Psychologist.

12525344_1137175992960895_1131555031645275991_oSo how does that make you FEEL?


Last weekend I filmed some intense finale scenes for indie film 1970’s thriller, Thorns for Flowers, as lead, Gretchen. It will be ready in time to screen at the International Soho Festival May 2016! Woo!



Then I have a reading (and filming in April) for the third episode of nerdy web-series, Three Days of Glory, as principle role, cosplayer Nina Collins.


The other week I got a few callbacks for a National Commercial in which all information is confidential, but I had a really great time working with the commercial director and House Casting, NYC.


I was also involved in a workshop of a new musical by Greg Bonsignore (up and coming lyricist and director of recent Off Broadway show, Atomic) in conjunction with BMI Musical Theater Workshop. The music was catchy and hilarious. Can’t wait to see their production come together!


And finally, I performed in Love Creek’s Off Broadway One Act of “The Power and The Glory” as lead, nervous wreck Wanda. Plenty of physical comedy with great laughs! Well written script.

glory Alissa Simmons performing as Wanda.

           So Spring is off to a great start with all my weekends through May filled with film shoots (Three Days of Glory and Thorns for Flowers), and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some little projects in-between.


Thorns for Flowers: Day 2

Day two of filming with Thorns for Flowers was filled with scenes that were intense and emotional. I normally perform this style on stage or in song, so this was a great exercise bringing it to film. It was exhausting but amazing!

I got a chance to film with beautiful scenery like some spooky woods and a sun-dappled lakeside which was so perfect for the mood of the scenes. I’m so happy to be working on this project! And, as always, it’s a blast working with my fellow cast and stellar director!


Looking forward to shooting more scenes in the New Year!!

The Protokon: World Premiere

World Premiere of The Protokon

at the Soho International Film Festival


My first RED CARPET in NYC! I was so excited and nervous, but fellow cast members kept me positive and happy. It was definitely a night of talent and love!

The Protokon Cast and Crew on the red carpet in NYC!

The Protokon Cast and Crew on the red carpet in NYC!


I had a blast at the World Premiere of the 1980’s style sci-fi indie cult film, The Protokon, at the Soho International Film Festival. Finally getting to meet the rest of the talented cast and crew and getting to hear the audience’s response to this amazing film made my heart soar!

It’s rare to find other truly talented artists among the millions of people in New York City that have as much heart as this group of people. I am very proud to be a part of this cast and very grateful that I got the chance to work with amazing director/creator, Anthony De Lioncourt.

I’m looking forward to working with any of these amazing people in the future!

Follow this amazing film, here!