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Three Days of Glory Episode 1 Shoot

I had a lot of fun the first weekend of June with half of the cast of the new nerdy webseries, Three Days of Glory! Took a train out to location with my costumes and wigs in tow, excited to film our first episode with our new equipment we got through our Indiegogo campaign. I am so happy with the cast and crew. We get along so well and it’s always a pleasure to work with everyone! Nothing better.

Director, George Daileda setting up a scene.

After filming all morning (and waiting out a short lived bumblebee attack; they were very adamant about being in front of the camera),  I was able to snag a few photos of me and my show’s partner in crime in cosplay!

Spike and Faye

Justin Schilling as Alan and Alissa Simmons as Nina cosplaying Spike and Faye from the classic anime Cowboy Bebop.


I can’t wait for us to finish filming and get this awesome series started! It’s gonna be a lot of fun, for sure. Keep a look out for more updates!


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Three Days of Glory: Indiegogo!

So it’s official!

The webseries I was cast in last fall has started their Indiegogo campaign! We have 33 days left to raise money for high quality equipment, travel, costumes, and maybe some food for the actors. (Please sir, may I have some more? #starving artists)

I’ve seen the script and can imagine big things happening for this series. The attention to detail for character development and storyline has blown me away and I can’t wait to start filming in May! Let the insanity begin!

This series focuses on the real lives Cosplayers have in and out of costume. This isn’t about cosplay competitions or how to make costumes or a documentary, this series is a story about real people going against the odds. Full of ups and downs, passion and struggle, you’ll be surprised how attached you’ll get to these characters!

Alissa Simmons and Justin Schilling backstage for Three Days of Glory shoot!


I play one of the principals, Nina, and she is going to be so much fun to play. Donate and you might see it all in high def!